You Are What You Eat

A new study shows that over 80% of the food purchased in the USA plays a central role in the development of chronic disease. That means cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, GI issues, brain fog, pain, headaches, lack of energy, and depression are all made worse by these foods.
The study discusses how there is a new push for food manufacturers to increase transparency of what is going in the foods they sell. 71% of products analyzed were ultra-processed.
You are what you eat. If you eat junk food you get junk health, you eat healthy food you get a healthy body. No matter where you are in your healthy journey you have to start reading the labels of the foods you are eating. If it’s going to become your heart, your liver, your blood, I think it’s important to know this information. 
That’s why with all of our plans we only use real food.

America’s packaged food supply is ultra-processed

Americans are over-exposed to products that are high in calories, saturated fat, sugar and salt.


Americans are over-exposed to products that are high in calories, saturated fat, sugar and salt, according to a new Northwestern Medicine study that reports the United States packaged food supply and beverage supply in 2018 was ultra-processed and generally unhealthy.

Since about 80% of Americans’ total calorie consumption comes from store-bought foods and beverages (packaged and unpackaged), the food and beverage supply plays a central role in the development of chronic disease including obesity and cardiovascular disease.

The study was published July 24 in the journal Nutrients. It aims to provide new information for consumers, researchers and policymakers to encourage food manufacturers to reformulate or replace unhealthy products and to inform the U.S. government on where action may be needed to improve the healthfulness of the U.S. packaged food and beverage supply.

“To say that our food supply is highly processed won’t shock anyone, but it’s important that we hold food and beverage manufacturers accountable by continually documenting how they’re doing in terms of providing healthy foods for consumers,” said lead author Abigail Baldridge, a biostatistician in the department of preventive medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. “And the verdict is they can and should be doing a whole lot better.”

Read the full Northwestern article, “America’s packaged food supply is ultra-processed

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