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Weight Loss Service with Real Solutions

Align’s doctor-directed weight loss programs get to the real cause of the problem. We target the sources of weight gain and provide a customized weight loss solution by balancing hormones and correcting any deficiencies that have built up over a lifetime.

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Lasting Results

Lasting Results

Getting to the root cause of the problem is the only way to get lasting results. Working with our team, we will help identify WHY you aren’t losing weight. We need to understand what’s happening on the inside of your body in order to create change on the outside of your body.

Balanced Body

Balanced Body

We accomplish balance by using the latest technologies and labs in nutritional and metabolic testing to Identify the barriers to weight loss resistance. This often includes specialized food and nutritional testing so that you can avoid items that increase your inflammation levels and prevent your hormones from coming back into balance.

Targeted Plan

Targeted Plan

After identifying those issues, we work with you to develop the most effective program for you to keep the weight off long term. The customized plan we develop is designed to boost your metabolism naturally and shed those unwanted pounds fast.


The Align Weight Loss & Body Balancing System

Following the five phases of the Align Weight Loss & Body Balancing System allows our clients to shed stubborn areas of fat and achieve a healthier hormonal balance. This system is designed to help you maintain a healthy weight long term.

Get Started Today


The body composition analysis allows us to determine the percentages of fat, hydration, and muscle that make up your body. It will also provide your basal metabolic rate, segmenting fat analysis of how much fat is located in your right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg, mid-section, and your metabolic age. Lastly, it tells your visceral fat, the most dangerous kind of fat.

  • Consultation: Meet with our team of medical professionals to get to the cause of the problem and develop a plan
  • If you decide to move forward with the customized plan:
    During your Onboarding appointment, we will review your plan, perform what tests were recommended, and make sure you have everything you need to get started.


Think of this step as the kickoff to your weight loss journey. We always recommend a day or two to familiarize yourself with your new plan and make sure you are clear on exactly what to do.

  • Get all of your clarifying questions answered
  • Do a pantry clean-out
  • Shop for your new foods if necessary
  • Start interacting in our optional private online support group
  • Consider having a loved one take “before” measurements and photos so you can celebrate your progress later.


Kick start your weight loss journey.

  • Begin your plan that we laid out just for you
  • Start eating specific real foods that prepare the body to burn fat.


Fat is metabolized in your liver. In order to maximize your weight-loss potential, we prepare the organs involved to burn as much fat as possible.


This is the longest and most important phase. We are focused on building healthy habits into your lifestyle since that is the only true way to keep the weight off.



  • We help you to understand that the end of your weight loss program is not the end of your weight loss journey. We don’t just wish you luck and send you on your way. We stay available to help monitor your weight loss even as you enter into the ongoing maintenance phase. We understand that there is no point in taking the weight off unless you keep it off. For this reason, this is the most important part of the program.
  • Your health coach stays in place to support your maintenance.
  • You continue to have access to the online support group as part of your ongoing maintenance. Staying connected means staying healthy and at an ideal weight.
  • Enjoy the new, healthier, balanced YOU!

Judy’s Story

Total Weight Loss:
100 LBS

Align Weight Loss has been an answer to years of frustration caused by yo-yo dieting and constantly “being on a diet.” I have lost over 100 pounds without being hungry. My health coach continues to emphasize my progress in body fat loss specifically which is what matters to me. I have adopted this new lifestyle and am now maintaining my weight loss while still enjoying my life into my late 70s. I have come off of medications for blood pressure, cholesterol, and arthritis. If you have tried every diet in the world, please give Align Weight Loss a chance.

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Create the New You

Scientifically unlock your biological potential to lose weight naturally without drugs,
surgery or exercise.

  • Do I have to exercise on this plan?

    Weight loss isn’t about doing more work because you ate too much. It’s about balancing the amount of food your body actually needs while making sure you feel full.

  • Do you use bars, protein shakes or pre-made meals?

    No. We only use real food. You can make it at home or eat out as long as it is prepared the right way. We educate you on the traps to avoid if you have to eat out to make sure even if you aren’t at home you can still lose weight.

  • Do you use drugs to achieve your results?

    No drugs are used in the program. Our goal is to fix your metabolism so that you don’t have to take anything long-term to keep the weight off. Too often, we find that if you use a stimulant or hormone to get the weight off, it just comes right back once it is no longer used. Since we want you to keep the weight off, we focus on lifestyle changes, along with testing and targeting temporary products that fix biological dysfunction.