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Case Study

Vickie is a 61-year-old female who suffers from severe diabetes and long term issues with her weight. Vickie began experiencing constant joint pain and struggled with simple everyday tasks, after reaching an all time high weight of 306 pounds. On top of her struggle to lose weight, and because of the severity of her diabetes, Vickie was taking 30-40 units of insulin each night and having ongoing stomach issues due to the high dosage of medicine being pumped into her system. Vickie knew she needed to make a major lifestyle change if she wanted to live a healthy and happy life.








Pounds Lost:


Time on Program:

8 months

“Align Weight Loss and Body Balancing helped me get off diabetes medication and kept me from having to pay for knee surgery.”

Vickie struggled with weight problems ever since the early 2000’s. It seemed like she had tried everything. From Weight Watchers to diet pills, nothing seemed to work for the long-run. She would shed pounds only to gain it back soon after.

When her medication intake started to grow and her doctor gave her the shocking news that she would need to have knee surgery in order to relieve the constant pressure on her joints, she knew she had to take action. Enough was enough.

That was the moment when Vickie decided to take control of her situation and began her journey with Align Weight Loss & Body Balancing.

Experiencing Weight Gain, Joint Pain and Severe Diabetes

“I had gotten up to 306 lbs, and this was the most I had ever weighed. Soon after reaching this number, I started experiencing severe knee pain.”

Walking became difficult for Vickie. Joint problems began to creep up on her, hindering her ability to accomplish simple everyday tasks. It took all her energy to just walk around. She ended up having to apply for a handicap parking pass to be able to do errands like grocery shopping.

Although joint problems were one of the biggest issues she dealt with, she was also tired of having to take high doses of diabetes medicine.

“As a person with diabetes, I had to take lots of medication. It got to the point where I was on 30-40 units of insulin at night. It tore my stomach up.”

Vickie’s end goal was to wean off of her medication and to feel healthy again. She had been living a life where insulin was part of the daily ritual, and she just wanted to find the root of her health problems.

Another roadblock she experienced with insulin was her allergic reaction to the major insulin brands. Luckily, there were a few insulins she could take, however, the only insulin brands she could take were not covered under her health insurance plan. This was one financial burden she didn’t think she would have to deal with.

Vickie knew she had to change course.

What could help her shape her health future for the better? Did she even have the capability to change her health?

As Vickie sat down to think through her options, she came to the conclusion that her health problems were directly correlated to her weight issues.

“I had tried it ALL when it came to dieting and weight loss programs. All of this was never long-lasting though.”

To give a list of the all programs that Vickie tried would be impossible, but she had tried Weight watchers, Dr. Atkins, the Grapefruit Diet, the Cabbage Soup Diet, and Diet Pills to name a few. The Diet Pill kick was short-lived because purchasing the pills were expensive to maintain.

At one point, Vickie even started the liquid diet fad where she would drink 3 cans of drink a day in hopes of shedding the extra pounds. This was the most successful diet she had tried, but it would leave her feeling sick and dizzy throughout the day. This, again, was another diet that was short-lived because of the way it would make her feel.

With all of these diets and weight loss programs, she would hop into what seemed like a never-ending cycle of highs and lows. She would lose some weight, but then she would gain it all back (and sometimes more.) Diets were a roller coaster, and she would never lose over 30-40 lbs.

Even after trying all of this, she knew that there had to be something more. There had to be something out there that would set her up for long-term health success. She just hadn’t found it yet. Many times before, she had been offered different surgery options. Ultimately, she knew that surgery wasn’t for her.

“Surgery doesn’t teach you how to solve the problem.”

Doctors had told her that she could go through bariatric surgery and knee surgery, but she didn’t believe that was the route for her. She wanted to learn how she could get better from a more holistic perspective.

After experiencing burnout, she was skeptical when she saw a TV ad for Align Weight Loss & Body Balancing. Nonetheless, she called Align to give the program a try.

Approaching Weight Loss with Align

“My main goal was to lose 150 lbs, get rid of my severe knee pain, and to get off my medications.”

What Vickie didn’t realize was that Align would do just that. The Align Weight Loss and Body Balancing approach was simple.

During the initial phase, Align performed a hair test on Vickie. This test revealed certain food intolerances and vitamin deficiencies that were unique to her body. After this test, Align crafted an easy food plan that would cater to her needs. They also provided a food journal to help her track everything she ate throughout the week to keep her on track.

“We always ate bread, pasta, and chocolate in our house. All that has completely changed.”

Something she found during her hair test was that she had an intolerance to wheat, barley, and mustard. One of her favorite condiments used to be mustard, but thanks to Align now you won’t see any traces of mustard in her fridge.

Another thing that was news to Vickie was the fact that she had a gluten intolerance. No one had ever told her that before. She used to break out in blisters, but it turns out that it was her body’s reaction to fighting off the gluten. Doctors had always told her that it was shingles. They even prescribed her medication for shingles.

Just going to get the initial intolerance test was life changing for her.

The program goes beyond the hair test though. The program focuses on finding your method of fuel, flushing your liver, burning fat, “resetting” your body to be ready for forever. It’s in the process. That’s where you will really start to see the change.

Weight Loss can Lead to a Life Without Medication and Joint Pain

“I started to notice the results when my clothes started to not fit anymore.”

Once Vickie embarked on her weight loss journey, she started to notice drastic changes right away. She was losing anywhere from 1-3 pounds in a single day.

For the longest time, Vickie had a go-to belt that she had owned for over 19 years. Slowly but surely, that belt started to wrap around her body until it was able to fit around her twice. She went from a 52 inch waist band to being able to wear a size 18! That was an incredible win for her.

People began to notice her weight change around month 3 or 4. Others wanted in. They began to ask her how they could sign up too.

“My A1C levels went from 7.7 to 5.4! I no longer have to take insulin or my diabetes meds.”

You heard that correctly, Vickie now no longer has to take insulin, diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, or thyroid medication.

What about her knee pain? It’s gone.

The day before Vickie’s first Align appointment, she had taken her last cortisone shot in her knee. That shot was the last one she was allowed to take before she would have to go through knee surgery. Now, she no longer has to worry about knee surgery.

She used to dread walking, but now she can walk on the treadmill without hurting! From time to time, her knee will get stiff, but for the most part, it has been much easier for her to get around.

“I have lost 102 pounds, but I am still working!”

Vickie is still working to hit her 150 pound weight loss goal, but losing the weight has meant more to her than the appearance benefits.

The benefits of Align Weight Loss & Body Balancing:

  • No more knee pain
  • Better sleep
  • Better relationships
  • Can focus better at work
  • No more “diabetic fog”
  • No longer have to feel the side effects of medication
  • Acid reflux has gotten better
  • Asthma symptoms have decreased
  • Improvement in mood

Why Align Weight Loss & Body Balancing?

“When you talk to the Align team, you can’t help but get an education.”

When Vickie went in to discuss her knee problems, Dr. Matt was able to inform her that her knee pain was from inflammation. He also told her that a lot of the food coloring and oils she was consuming were the cause of this. “I didn’t realize that food coloring and all these oils were what was causing inflammation,” Vickie said. She was skeptical at first, but when she made the simple food swaps, she saw the difference. This is just one of the many reasons why Vickie believes in the Align program. She said that she knows that they will always educate her on what’s best for her body, and she will always leave a session with new health insights she didn’t know before.

“They are such a strong support system!”

Throughout the entire program, Vickie appreciated how positive and helpful the Align team was during her weight loss transformation. They always make your questions and messages a priority, so if you message them, they will write back to you quickly.

The Align team was supportive, but Vickie also loves the Facebook support group with other people who went through the program. They help each other out. If they have questions, they ask and get answers from a group that is going through the same thing that they are. No one hesitates to help you in the group!

“It may seem like a lot of money, but the program results make it worth the investment.”

Vickie was going to have to spend money on an expensive knee surgery if she didn’t lose weight. She realized that even if she went through with knee surgery, she would still continue having the same problems she had from the beginning: weight related health issues.

Because she chose to partner with Align, she will reap the added health benefits for the rest of her life.

Better sleep. Better mood. No knee surgery. No more medications.

Those are benefits that a surgery can’t fix for the long-term.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are looking for a program that actually works and will get you results fast, schedule a consultation with Align Weight Loss & Body Balancing. Learn the real reasons why you struggle to lose weight. Like Vickie, there may be certain intolerances or vitamin deficiencies that you may not know about that cause inflammation.

It’s time to take back your health through action. Don’t delay getting healthy any longer.