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It’s becoming more common to do food allergy testing. You know, people have peanut allergies and it’s becoming more prevalent. The problem is they’re not taking into consideration your genetics and your gut bacteria along with it. So, the common test done is an IgG IgE IgA. That’s the kind your general practitioner or maybe even an allergist would look for. And unfortunately, maybe because people have spent money on the past it’s just more complicated than that.

If you want to decrease inflammation in the body, balance your hormones, and lose weight, we have to take into consideration your genetics and your gut bacteria as well. There’s ten times more bacteria in your gut than cells in your body and we’re learning more and more. I really think the next decade is going to be the discovery of how influential our microbiome is for the health of the human body. And so ultimately blood or an IgG IgE test can be great but there’s some other testing out there that can give us better information than just that one alone.


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