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Listen there’s no doubt that if your body is not good at burning fat and all of a sudden we’re cutting your calories back, which scientifically is the only way, it is impossible to lose weight if we don’t spend more energy every day than you’re taking in. You’re gonna go through some carb withdrawals or you might have heard of keto flu, carb flu, sugar detox. It has to happen, and it sucks and I’m sorry and I’ve been there before but ultimately I tell patients, “Listen there is the pain of change or the pain of regret.” One of my mentors said that to me a long time ago and it is the truth. You will never stay exactly where you are.

So, if you want to get better, you’re gonna have to go through a couple days where maybe there’s a headache, maybe there’s a light fever, maybe you feel icky or yucky or you’re hangry or you just are upset. And I get it, and I’m sorry, and I wish I could help more the products are gonna make that a lot easier than just doing it on your own. But ultimately, you’re gonna go through that or you can give up, or you can just continue to get worse, more medication, gained weight etc.

And if I’m being a little harsh it’s only because I really do care and I don’t want to see people go that route and far too many people are too polite and easy and yet that’s what allows people to be 50% will die of cancer, 35% from heart disease and the next 15 people out of 100 will die of diabetes. It’s literally one person out of a thousand now will make it to 60 without a diagnosed condition. And so, if you want to be healthy you have to do some uncomfortable things to take control of your health again because ultimately you’re the only one that can make you healthy.


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