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When we talk about body balancing what that simply means is this, we want your body to be healthy and to lose the weight on its own without any unhealthy additives. Dr. Matthew McAlees discusses the right way to lose weight with the right foods. 


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Hey everybody! Dr.McAlees here and I want to take a quick minute and share one of the principals and share why we use the term, “body balancing” here at the clinic. It’s a really important distinction because these other places you can go such as weight loss clinics,  hormonal centers and physicians that you can go see, I mean I’m not speaking bad about them at all and I like to be very upfront about that however we just have a very different way of thinking. They’re going to give you an amphetamine, a diuretic, a stimulant, a hormone or something that jacks your heart rate up so that manufactures hormones even when your body’s not making them innately or naturally. The problem with that is this, there’s something called a “feedback loop” meaning when you put something into the body that it didn’t make itself it will actually start to make less because it was doing that for a reason. It’s always going to try to bring you back to homeostasis. So I think a good example of this is when you hear someone with kids or any of us that eat a lot of sugar and then what goes right along with that, if you get a sugar high you’re going to get a sugar crash, right? So you go up and then you come down, but you don’t just go to where you were, you actually go further and that rebounds back to baseline long term wealth.

When we do these things – weight loss techniques manipulate our hormones unnaturally so the body understands that is the case so there is a feedback loop, meaning when it goes in it just doesn’t independently happen. It knows that oh my gosh! it went high and if you keep injecting and keep taking it’s going to stay high, but then as soon as you stop the same thing that happened with sugar it’s going to happen again and it’s going to go low. That’s why most people rebound back 20, 30, 40 percent of the weight back on as soon as they come off within a matter a few months because the body understands or really the body’s got made less and less hormone or whatever was causing the problem has gotten worse and worse and worse and so body balancing is really important because we don’t ever want to sacrifice your health in order to shed some pounds temporarily. That’s why everything we do here is focused on figuring out the cause of the problem. So why are you weight loss resistant? Why are your hormones not working properly and what are you doing daily that’s making it worse so we can come up with a plan to make it better.

One of the most important things is always food testing because you are what you eat and everyone today because the pesticides, herbicides, fungicides how quickly the world is expanded is going to digest some foods better than others – you can have reactions to some foods and not to others,  you’re going to enzymes and biological pathways where you can break down one thing very easily and it can be a health food like you can break down broccoli easily, but really struggle with asparagus. And so you need to know what those things are. So when I say and when we talk about body balancing what that simply means is this, we want your body to be healthy and to lose the weight on its own. No outside intervention and no drugs. Certainly there might be an enzyme or a mineral or an electrolyte or something that you’re deficient in that your body needs to function properly, but at an outside amphetamine, diuretic, stimulant hormone are not those and there’s always gonna be a price to pay later.

Our approach? Let’s fix the body and get it back to doing what it should do — which is burning fat and burning sugar both, not only burning sugar. let’s get it back to burning both and then let it do its thing. Let it be healthy and let it continue. Keep doing the right things and you’ll keep getting the same result. 

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