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If you’ve been following us for a bit or seen anything we’ve done, you know our philosophy is very much we want to fix the body because we believe that you innately have this inborn ability to heal yourself. Right? So, if you get a cut on your arm the body heals, if you break a bone the body heals, if you get sick with the flu you have an entire immune system to heal your body. We are not the type of facility that wants to give you drugs forever. We want to figure out what’s stopping your body’s ability from balancing itself out or coming back to what they call homeostasis, which is what you should be able to do if you’re healthy and fix that. So, when we say hormonal imbalances we’re not gonna try to prescribe you a drug, we want to figure out what in your lifestyle, what toxic exposure, what stressor, maybe physical from what you’re eating or mental like what’s going on that’s causing your body or blocking your body’s ability to come back to normal and homeostasis.


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