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Good fats vs. bad fats – knowing the difference can affect whether you’re losing weight.  In this video Dr. Matt walks you through the healthy fats that can benefit your diet, and the unhealthy options that can sabotage your weight loss.


Every single hormone in your body is manufactured from fat and so bad fats are bad because they make bad hormones like cortisol, which I talk about all the time which ages your body, breaks down collagen, adds fat, burns muscle so you want to stay away from fat that make more bad hormones and go with the good fats. So good fats – oddly enough the one we’re gonna use today is butter. Most people have been told butter is bad and actually that is not true. You know our great grandparents on the farm, they’d eat lard and butter and their heart attacks were virtually unheard of because it actually has some really great properties to it. Other good fats come from avocados, and coconuts, nuts, and seeds.

The reason carbs are no different than sugar is because they turn to sugar within usually about seconds of going in your mouth because of an enzyme called amylase. So that’s why white bread people cut that out, all of a sudden they lose a lot of weight. It’s no different than ice cream once it’s in your body. So that’s why carbs are so dangerous.

How do good fats help you burn fat? You have to have good fats to burn fat and most people in this country don’t eat enough fat. You know, we eat more low fat foods than any other country in the planet and yet we’re the largest and that should tell you something. You have to have good fat to make good hormones and to burn fat. I think people are still afraid of the fat. You remember in the early 90s? That was when everybody went to the low-fat craze and that’s how we thought we could lose weight if we just cut out fat that we would lose weight but – it continues decline by 2030 44% of Americans will be obese. One of the primary reasons is because they don’t get enough fat and the fat they are getting is bad. So as long as you’re eating the good fats you’re okay.



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