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Dr. Matthew McAlees discusses how the United States is not the greatest country in the world when it comes to health. You have to make a lifestyle change because living like everyone else is killing you.


Living Like Everyone Else Is Killing You

The World Health Organization says 30.5 five million Americans have diabetes. One out of three are diabetic, and 25% of you reading this right now are diabetic and don’t even know it yet. You haven’t felt the symptoms even though your blood tests would show it, or you haven’t gotten the right blood test yet to prove that you’re diabetic.

There are two million new cases of diabetes every year, and that number is growing. Deaths from diabetes are expected to double by 2030! It’s out of control, and if you don’t make a lifestyle change, it’s going to be you, and it’s going to be your children. I absolutely do not want that for you, but it’s simply the statistics. I don’t want that for my children, my wife or for myself, so we live differently as a result.

The bottom line is this. You have to make a lifestyle change because living like everyone else is killing you. America is not #1 in the world for health. We are last out of all first world countries. Life expectancy continues to fall here in the United States. Don’t get me wrong, I love America. I represented us in the Olympics working with professional athletes. I think it’s the greatest country in the world, but you cannot even come close to saying that we are the healthiest country in the world. So, when you say to me, “My doctor is the best.” Yeah, you saw the best doctor in the worst country in the world for health. You saw the best in the most expensive, least effective medical system in the world.

I take care of a lot of doctors and nurses, and this is has nothing to do with them. My next door neighbor is a medical doctor, and we are great friends. He’s a patient here. This has nothing to do with the people providing healthcare services who are amazing, loving and caring. When you are stuck in a system where your only option is to cut on someone or give them a chemical – that system will always fail. Can it keep you alive longer? Possibly. Can it ever get you healthy again? No, because that is not where health comes from. Drugs don’t make your body work better. They do something your body should already be doing or stop it from doing something that it’s doing. It doesn’t ultimately change your body’s functionality, so you have to understand that if you want something different your behaviors have to change.

You have to shift your mindset. We have to start seeing our food as fuel and as medicine and what gets us are dreams, not something that kills us too young, robs us of life, generates pain and brings pleasure like an illegal drug. If you want to get high at every meal because it tastes good, you have a food addiction. I’m not talking down to you, but it is what it is, and I want a better life than that – for me and for you. 

We need to make this mindset shift. Food cannot be your primary source of pleasure anymore. There are lots of ways to find pleasure in this life. Food can taste great, but it should not taste like crack cocaine. It cannot be the thing that you turn to for pleasure. It should not be the things we reward our kids with. Food should enable you to live your life and give you energy. You shouldn’t feel like taking a nap after eating.


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