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Losing weight can be complicated and intimidating, but with these three simple rules, it doesn’t have to be. Dr. Matt shares three easy rules to lose weight the healthy way. 



Host: So we all know that losing weight can be a challenge, but our first guest says there are three simple steps you can take to make it easier. Welcome Dr.  Matthew McAlees from Align Weight Loss and Body Balancing. Dr. Matt it’s great to see you.  

Dr. Matt: Thank you, it’s good to be back.

Host: Okay these are three things that really are easy rules to follow that will help us lose weight. Okay the first one…

Dr. Matt: The three bite rule — it’s really simple. Most people are trying to do better and they’ve got the dessert in the fridge, and their like “I’m not going to eat it”, and they’re “not gonna eat the chips” or whatever it is. And what happens is that cravings get so strong they go and they just (I’m sure we’re all guilty of this) just binge and go through the whole thing, the whole container of ice cream, the whole cake. The first thing you can do is instead of doing that – I don’t want to say give in but just “okay listen the craving is too strong I’m gonna have something.” Take three normal-sized bites of the ice cream, doesn’t mean eat the whole thing in three bites. It means eat it in three normal sized bites and then put it away. That’ll curb the craving, you’ll get through it, and it’ll help you keep the calories down and lose weight.

Host: I really think that works.

Dr. Matt: It really does.

Host: Because you’re right, you go crazy if you just deprive yourself completely then you will go and binge.

Dr. Matt: Exactly.

Host: Yes, okay I like that one. And the addition rule?

Dr. Matt: Yes, so this is the next key. People try to TAKE AWAY their favorite foods first and it almost never works. Instead what we teach is that you want to just ADD IN good healthy foods first. So, you know what? Still have your cheeseburger and your fries and whatever it is, but could you eat a banana or an apple or a small salad first? And then eat whatever you were going to eat anyways. And what happens is slowly over time you eat more the good less of the bad and again you just helps you lose weight, get fit, feel great.

Host: Very good, it’s the addition rule. You’re adding the healthy foods in before you take all your favorite foods away.

Dr. Matt: That’s right.

Host: Okay got it. The ingredients rule?

Dr. Matt: Yes, I love this one, this one simply states as you start to read ingredients, if you can’t read something on the label it doesn’t go in your body. It’s that simple. If you can’t pronounce it put it back on the shelf.

Host: We’ve heard that and I think that’s so true. Another tip, you know those were our three rules, but you say shop the perimeter of the grocery store.

Dr. Matt: That’s right, so when you’re at the grocery store you really want to make a “U.” You want to stay on the outer side of the grocery store. I call the inside the aisles “the danger zone”. So you just don’t go into the danger zone, stay along the outside, that’s where the healthier foods are going to be — he stuff that’s refrigerated and tends to be real food. As you go into the inner aisles, that stuff can sit there for months, that’s not real. Live food brings life.

Host: Live food brings life. I know you’ve helped so many of your patients in this journey to lose weight, you really have, you’ve got some great success stories.

Dr. Matt: Yes, we’ve had people losing five, ten (pounds a month). I mean it’s such easy things that you can do and the great part is even once people have put these tips in place, six, ten, twelve, months later they’re still dropping three to five pounds a month. And they just keep going.

Host: Very exciting! You do say that you can have a cheat meal once in a while right? How often are you allowed that cheat meal?

Dr. Matt: Well, it really depends on each person. But we tell them no matter what you do you’ve got to have a plan. So what we say is when you start, be disciplined on Monday, and then Tuesday eat whatever you want, and then Wednesday be disciplined, Thursday whatever you want. And then have more good days, fewer cheat days, eventually moving to cheat meals. But you plan it: I’m going to do well Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Thursday I’m going eat whatever I want.

Host: I’m going to eat the ultimate mac and cheese that’s cooking in the kitchen today.

Dr. Matt: That’s right, that’s the way to do it.

Host: Alright, Dr. Matthew McAlees, thank you so much it’s good to see you.              


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