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Getting your body balanced and healthy enough to lose weight is simple with the acronym CREATE. In a segment from Charlotte Today, Dr. Matthew breaks down how you can lose weight without drugs, surgery, or dieting.


Host: We all know that losing weight is a challenge, but our next guest says the better you know your body the more successful you will be. Welcome, Dr. Matthew McAlees with Align Weight Loss and Body Balancing to the show. Hello – how are you doing today?

Dr. Matt: Very good, thank you.

Host: Alright, losing weight is hard, everybody knows that – especially the older we get, why is that? I mean it seems like you have to watch every single morsel of food you put into your mouth.

Dr. Matt: It is, and if we boil it down to two things we see, it’s toxicity and deficiencies. So the older you get, the more toxins you’re exposed to. And the older you get, the more things that you had in your body when you were born are depleted, and your body doesn’t have any more to do what it needs to do – which is heal and function. So to boil it down, that’s why.

Host: Ok – ayou have an acronym called CREATE to help you get your body balanced. Let’s talk about the first one – C. What does that stand for?

Dr. Matt: So first what we want to do is we want to Cleanse the body. Then R is Remove toxins. And E is Equalize hormones. A is Accelerate metabolism. T is Testing. And then E is Eat real food. And so that’s the way we help patients truly understand the system and how to get well.

Host: I want everyone to know this program it’s not a diet right? It’s more about the technology that you use in your office — talk about that.

Dr. Matt: Yes, so we want to make sure that everybody knows that we say “no hunger, no exercise, no drugs”, it’s not HCG, it’s not a surgery you have to get done – it’s all about the testing. And what the testing does is it hits 5 over 5 biomarkers that are unique to your body. So just like you have a fingerprint, this testing allows us to see these biomarkers that show us what you’re deficient in, what you’re toxic in, is there an organ that’s not working properly. And the other really amazing thing that it does is it creates a foods list, so there are healthy foods that you might be eating that are slowing your metabolism down because your body doesn’t like them. So chicken, eggs, broccoli — we all think those are healthy, right? But my body might love eggs and yours might hate it. So, we get a foods list that allows you to know what speeds up your metabolism and decreases inflammation and the ones you should avoid.

Host: So that is unique to every person, and you customize it obviously for each patient.

Dr. Matt: Yes, exactly. All the plans are customizable, and they are unique to the person so when we find out the cause of it, then obviously we can fix it.

Host: Wow – so you got all of these different experiences of people having various customizations. Do you have any stories?

Dr. Matt: Yes, we have some pictures that we were able to put up. They’re gonna flash a few here – this is Amy, she lost 62 pounds. Bekah came in for health reasons and she ended up losing 19 — she was ecstatic! Brittany lost 42 pounds. That’s my brother (he might look familiar), he lost 100 pounds on the program. And then these last two ladies they lost quite a bit. There’s Steve, lost 33 pounds.  I want to emphasize the fact that we say it’s Align Weight Loss and Body Balancing, but really the Body Balancing part is the important part. If we fix the body, you’ll lose the weight as a healthy side effect. But like these last two ladies had hot flashes and headaches, those were gone! They came in for the weight loss but they ended up getting healthy and so we got story after story after story like that.

Host: Because really, that’s the approach of your office, it is about balancing the body and then everything else just kind of works out, doesn’t it?

Dr. Matt: Yes, and then the weight doesn’t come back because we fix the problem. We fix the cause.

Host: So if you don’t balance the body it fights against the program?

Dr. Matt: Yes, it struggles because there’s lots of ways to lose weight. There’s illegal drugs, there’s legal drugs, there’s surgeries, but all of those are a band-aid. They’re not getting to why your body won’t lose weight. We get to the cause and when we fix that you get healthy and you’ll lose weight.

Host: Dr. Matt promises that it is safe, it is effective, and you will see results if you stick with the program and stick with the program that you come up with.

Dr. Matt: If they follow recommendations, everybody gets results, everybody gets better!



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