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The Cellular Healing Diet supplies proteins, fruits, vegetables,and fat to your body’s cells. It is the best practice for all food types to be REAL for general nutrition. You might think you are eating real food, but you’d be surprised according to the data Dr. Matthew McAlees shares in this short video. 


The Cellular Healing Diet

The Cellular Healing Diet supplies proteins, fruits, vegetables, and fat to the cells. It really is the best practice for all food types to be REAL for general nutrition. You might think you’re eating real food now, but the Cellular Healing Diet is the next step, and we’re going to change out your fats. You need to know which are the healthy ones, and which are the unhealthy ones.

The first step is changing your fats. You need good healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil, grass fed butter, nuts, seeds and avocados. The second thing you’ll need to do is change your meats. The rule of biological concentration says that you aren’t what you eat, but in reality you are what they ate. So when you eat meat, you’re really what the meat ate. A lot of animals in the commercial food industry eat pounds and pounds of preservatives, additives and colorings.

Oddly enough, they feed expired Halloween candy to cows to fatten them up, and if you don’t believe me go Google it. So, you are what they ate.  If you’re going to spend money in one area of your diet, it should be with meat because it’s either the healthiest or the worst. Fish and chicken are tricky ones, but the bottom line is you want to buy organic free range like they are in their natural environment. 

The third change we’re going to make is removing refined sugar. It’s got to go! The average American family 100 years ago would consume one 5 pound bag of sugar every year. Today, your children (if they are like the average American) consumes one 5 pound bag of sugar every 4 days, and the average American adult is every 7 days. And we wonder why diabetes and other diseases are skyrocketing.

To summarize,  you’re going to change your meats, change your fats and remove as much refined sugar from your diet as possible to follow the Cellular Healing Diet. If it’s fake, it’s got to go.


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