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Learn how to be a smart food shopper by shopping with Dr. McAlees. This segment from Charlotte Today is a great resource for someone looking to buy food that is better for their health.  


Host: We hear all the time of what we should and should not eat, but what if you can shop with your doctor? Dr. Matt McAlees is a weight loss doctor at Align Weight Loss and Body Balancing, on offshoot of Charlotte Health Center.

Dr. Matt: We’re doing ‘Shop With A Doc’. We have a lot of our patients and a lot of people from the community that are joining us and we’re actually going to go and show them exactly how to shop, what to look for, how to read food labels.

Guest: I just want to learn more about what I should be buying and not buying.

Dr. Matt: It’s one thing to sit through a nutrition class of ours where we do teach them a lot of really good stuff and easy stuff to apply to their life, but then when you actually get in the store, what happens? There are about thirty people here today at Costco. They have a lot of really good deals here. A lot of people  say stuff like “organic is more expensive”.

Host: Cost is one of the biggest excuses that people give for why they cannot eat healthily.

Dr. Matt: For your health, you should pay for it no matter what the price.

Host: The tour starts with Dr. Matt explaining why we should avoid sugar.

Dr. Matt: In the 1930s a Nobel Prize winner Dr. Warburg discovered that sugar fueled cancer. We also know sugar is linked to diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune diseases.

Host:This mother reacts to Dr. Matt’s information on sugar.

Guest: It’s very interesting to me and I didn’t realize how much sugar that (my kids) were actually eating and how bad it is for them.

Host: Dr. Matt realizes that people will still consume sugar, he just wants them to understand all the places that it’s in our diet, including alcohol. He gives visual examples of how important nutrition really is.

Dr. Matt: Your immune system will be tomorrow what you ate today.

Host: And debunks some myths by teaching the group how to read labels.

Dr. Matt: Every single time you pick up anything, if it’s going to go in your body and become you, you should know what it is. And unfortunately, because of packaging laws, a lot of companies can just outright lie.

Host: Dr. Matt says what you see on labels and read on the back isn’t always true.

Dr. Matt: So things can say “trans-fat-free” on the label, and then you flip it over and if it says “partially hydrogenated” or “hydrogenated”, then it’s trans-fat.

Host: Did you read labels before?

Guest: A little bit but not enough as I should be.

Host: But this isn’t a myth.

Dr. Matt: Nutrition plays a vital role because you literally are what you eat.

Host: Dr. Matt says a good functioning immune system is directly related to putting good food in your body, so each participant is given a basic shopping list. He navigates the group away from areas he calls the danger zone and teaches them how to buy the right meat.

Dr. Matt: Meats are the most condensed areas where you’re going to get fat and toxins, and so you’ve got to make sure that you’re eating the right types of meats, and I don’t mean chicken versus beef. I mean there are good types of beef and bad types.

Host: These women never paid attention to where their meat came from before.

Guest: Never, I just bought whatever was on sale, whatever was the cheapest. Well, I’ve definitely learned to with the meat to buy grass-fed 100%.

Host: In the dairy section, Dr. Matt shocked everyone when he explained how the body processed cow’s milk.

Guest: Finding out about milk and the fact that it’s not healthy for you – I’m blown away. I’ve been taught all my life to drink milk.

Host: On to the snack aisle, frozen foods, and coffee. By the end of the tour, everyone had at least one theme that stood out most to them.

Guest: The goat cheese was very interesting, how cheese is so bad for you. I had no clue that goat cheese was good for you.

Host: But Dr. Matt’s main message remains the same.

Dr. Matt: You only get one body and you’ve got to take it seriously.



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