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You’ve abused your body for X amount of years and maybe it’s not your fault and I’m not saying it wasn’t mom, or dad, or society but ultimately you’re the only one that can make you healthy. And so, after 30, 40, 50, 60 years of too many calories, too much sugar, too much fake food, overeating, the indulgences – doing this as long as I have, when people start asking about “But when can I cheat?” I’m like, “You’ve been cheating for 50 years and we’ve got to get strict for a period of time.”

Now with that being said, it will really mess you up also. We work for days or weeks to get you into a fat-burning mode and ultimately it can only take for some people one meal to knock them back out of a fat-burning mode. And then it can take a couple days to get back. So, what seems like just a little cheat or a little indulgence – listen if that’s make or break the program, of course, indulge but you need to know you’re not going to lose weight for a couple days. It’s gonna take longer and you’re delaying the process. If you can get through without cheating – doing it the right way – you’ll lose more weight, you’ll get healthier faster, you’ll feel better, you’ll be less frustrated and ultimately, it’s just not worth it.


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