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The Fountain of Youth may not exist, but there is a way to prevent premature aging. Dr. Matthew McAlees talks to Charlotte Today about how nutrition is directly linked to anti-aging.  



Host: So if you dread the aging process, it might be time to turn your thinking around. There are ways to avoid premature aging. Welcome, Dr. Matthew McAlees with Align Weight Loss and Body Balancing. Dr. Matt, thanks for being here today.

Dr. Matt: Thank you.

Host: Ok, you say there is no secret potion or lotion or anything like that for antia-ging, but it seems like we just kind of think “This is just what happens. I get fatter, I get slower.”, all those kinds of things.

Dr. Matt: Yes, that’s just not true. What we know is that there are blue zones all across the world where they literally don’t age. The older they get…

Host: – Isn’t that a new book? “The Blue Zone”?

Dr. Matt: Yes, there is a book “The Blue Zones”. What they found is that in America we think “Well when we hit 40 our metabolism stops, we hit 60 and we get wrinkles.” It’s just not the case in a lot of cultures all around the world. They’ve got the same genetic code, so it’s the way they live. And so because they live well, they literally don’t age prematurely. In this country, we age far too prematurely.

Host: Yes, we get old very quickly. Stress, as we know, can have a big impact on aging — talk about that.

Dr. Matt: Yes, so what stress does is it releases cortisol, and cortisol is your stress hormone. And so what happens is cortisol breaks down collagen in your skin, adding wrinkles. It also adds fat, burns muscle, and just all around destroys tissue. So it literally is kind of the aging hormone, and there are very specific things that we do as Americans to accelerate and boost cortisol, and it’s just not good.

Host: What are some of those things, just so everybody knows?

Dr. Matt: Yes, so there is eating bad fats, like trans-fats, sugars, and toxins. Those three things directly relate to an increase in cortisol. So eating bad fats, sugars, toxins.

Host: So that being said, how can we avoid premature aging? I guess removing those things from our bodies?

Dr. Matt: Yes, you’ve got to know what bad fats are. I don’t really like to focus on that so much as knowing what the good fats are, so then you just eat those, which are fats like coconut oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, and 100% grass fed beef, wild fish, organic free range chicken, and eggs. Those really do make a very large difference towards the right types of fats that go into your body.

Host: Ok, are there ways to get rid of toxins?

Dr. Matt: Yes so there are, other people are starting to hear about glutathione. And that is natural detoxing. You can think about it like a hormone that’s inside your cells. Bad fats, sugars, and toxins suppress that. The opposite of that, eating fresh fruits, vegetables, the right types of fats, and avoiding toxins, boosts glutathione. And you can also get glutathione supplements on the market, you just want to make sure you have a binding agent to go with it.

Host: It seems as if what you’re saying is really that there’s so much with our diets that we can improve to really slow down the aging process.

Host: There’s so much that we have control over.

Dr. Matt: That’s right, and you know if you think of as far as sugar goes, at the turn of the 1900s the average American family of four would consume a 5 lb bag of sugar every year.

Host: In a year?

Dr. Matt: In a year. Now the average American child consumes a 5 lb bag of sugar every 5 days, the average adult every 7 days. So it’s not necessarily that sugar is bad it’s just that we are taking in about 52 teaspoons a day.

Host: Way too much of it. But the thing is that sugar is in so many things that people just don’t even realize.

Dr. Matt: That’s right, which is why you’ve got to read food labels. So if anything ends in “ose” it’s a sugar. And you’ve got to not only take the sugar content but also the carbohydrate content and really add those together because carbs turn to sugar within about 5 to 10 seconds of going into the body, which is why when people eliminate bread and pasta and rice, you lose all the weight and feel better. That’s why.



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