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Heart health is so important to keep up with and supplements can help. In this video Dr. McAlees breaks down why getting the right nutrients is more important than ever.


Host: A question for you — are you living your best life right now? No matter what your answer is, there may be some areas that you can improve your heart health and we have Dr. Matthew McAlees here to teach us about the importance of getting our daily nutrients. So, first welcome to the show.

Dr. Matt: Thank you very much for having me.

Host: Appreciate you being here. First, tell us a little bit about what you do, what’s your specialty?

Dr. Matt: So I’m a local chiropractor and I work with normal people like you and I, but I started working with Olympic teams and professional athletes. So that’s kind of how we started — really focusing on what the human body needs to perform optimally.  Not just to survive, but to really thrive, and that’s where supplements come in today.

Host: And you say that supplements are important to take.

Dr. Matt: Yes they really are.

Host: Why?

Dr. Matt: Well, when we look at studies of the nutritional density of foods today because of the way we grow our crops here in this country, they took a food like apples and looked at the nutritional density of the vitamins and minerals and enzymes you would have gotten in 1950 versus now. Today you’d have to consume about 30 apples to get the same nutritional value as you did 55 – 65 years ago. You’re just not getting the same nutrition now and you’ve got to get some of these vital nutrients in your diet, with supplements.

Host: And that 30 apples a day is an example of what we would have to eat to get our daily nutrients. I mean what’s another, I mean would we really have to eat this many walnuts?

Dr. Matt: Yes, so if we look at like the recommended daily allowance or what your body needs as far as Omegas go. This is a fat, which your body thrives on fat it’s its primary fuel source. You can eat 5 cups of these nuts, or again, we could end up taking 2 Omega pills with the right kinds of fats.

Host: And so you have the salmon…

Dr. Matt: That’s right.

Host: Which is the fish oil right? Would this be the fish oil supplement or is this still the Omega?

Dr. Matt: So actually no, we got the Omegas from the nuts. You’ll get some Omegas from the fish as well but this is actually the vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, which you wouldn’t think would come from fish. But you’d have to eat nine cans, which actually this is some the highest nutrient density food when it comes to Vitamin D.  But it acts more like a hormone. It actually turns on your DNA — you genetically can’t make more of you without enough of this vitamin, and about 45% of the population is chronically low. They do not have enough to manufacture, which is one of the reasons they don’t feel good.

Host: I love canned salmon but I’m not gonna eat nine cans a day so I think I’m just going to take a fish oil.

Dr. Matt: Yes.

Host: Okay over here we have the CO Q-10.

Dr. Matt: Right. So lastly when it comes to heart health, you can think of CO Q-10 as the energy vitamin. It’s what actually makes your heart produce more energy. And people with heart failure, or heart problems, blood pressure issues, primarily this is going to be one of the things that they are deficient in. So you can eat six heads of broccoli.

Host: That’s a lot of broccoli.

Dr. Matt: I think I’ve done that once or twice, but or you can take a little tiny CO Q-10 supplement.


Host: Okay and you know broccoli can tend to gas you up so you wouldn’t want to do six heads.

Dr. Matt: Yeah if you’re not used to eating vegetables you don’t want to overload.

Host: Okay so these are the three supplements that we really should be taking.

Dr. Matt: Yes, when it comes to heart health these are the three biggest ones to really start moving you in the right direction.

Host: What about multivitamin, because I take a multivitamin every day.

Dr. Matt: Yes, they’re really important again for the same reasons we talked about the nutrients in our food just aren’t there any more. But I’m sure you saw there was a huge recall — major manufacturers have been recalled because what they showed was that if you actually pick up some vitamins in the store, what’s in the bottle isn’t actually what’s on the label and beyond that they can be toxified with some heavy metals and things that are actually really poisonous.

Host: So how do you differentiate?

Dr. Matt: Well that’s a good question. Really honestly you have to either find a company that’s reputable or a doctor you trust who can tell you that they’ve done the research and they can tell you that this works.

Host: And you know I had another question, because a lot of times both kids and adults want to take gummy vitamins versus the big horse pills. Weigh in on that for me – I’m putting you on the spot.

Dr. Matt: That’s ok, unfortunately in most of those you’re going to have some sort of a really toxic bad fat which is what makes it gummy, and then also some sugar or an artificial sweetener which suppresses your immune system — just bad stuff for you. So they put the bad stuff in to try to get you to take some the good stuff but I’ll tell you this – most of the companies that I recommend don’t make that kind of product. If that tells you something.

Host: Yes, all right, good talk! Thank you Dr. McAlees.



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