Tammy's Story

Total Weight Loss:
44 LBS

I lost 44 pounds in 4 months. I feel so much better and you will too! This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. My goal is 60 pounds and I plan to reach to that. Stay focused and use your health coach. You will not regret it!

Jon's Story

Total Weight Loss:
124 LBS


I lost 124 pounds in 12 months. My sleep apnea is completely gone. Now I feel completely emotional and physically free. I think the best part of the program is the nutrition. I now know what to eat, how much to eat and more importantly want not to eat and Align has made that completely easy for me.

Romona's Story

Total Weight Loss:
70 LBS

I lost 70 pounds in 4 months. I have so much energy. My metabolism is working 100% better, it was messed up for years, actually decades. My body is what my husband calls “a burning machine”. Follow what Dr. Matt and the health coaches are telling you to do and you will see results. You are gonna be so happy that it was results that are with natural remedies and no medications. I love it. To that person on the fence, go for it you are worth it!

Lisa's Story

Total Weight Loss:
50 lbs!

It’s eating real food, it’s doing it in a way that is positive for you. You have a coaching staff that you can call, email or text at any time and tell them you need help. My energy and my attitude have improved so much that life is just better. My confidence and ability to fit in clothes that I have not been able to fit in for some time. Physically, mentally emotionally it all feels better. It’s been incredible and it was fast.