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Step 1: Choose your service

What is keeping you from losing weight? Is it a medical condition? Food allergies? Motivation? These might have been barriers to you before, but today is a new day. Today is the day to embark on the journey that you’ve always wanted for yourself. All it takes is for you to pick what consultation package you want to start with below.

Weight Loss Consultation

(Charlotte, Greensboro, & Greenville Locations)

Cost: $30

Body Composition Analysis

This allows us to determine what percentages of fat (the most dangerous being visceral fat), hydration, and muscle make up your body

Get More Information

We ask questions to determine what's happening in your body to create a plan with the right changes to get you lasting results

Meet with a Health Coach

Your health coach will create a customized plan to support and guide you through your weight loss journey

Body Contouring Consultation

(Currently in Charlotte Location Only)

Cost: $30

Discuss Your Goals

The specific goals you have will determine how many body contouring sessions you will need

Learn More about Body Contouring

Discover how this non-invasive option is the tool you’ve been searching for all along

Meet with a Health Coach

Allow us to craft a customized plan for you to help you reach your full potential!