New Patient Center

First time? Here’s what you can expect for your first consultation.

Your first weight loss session:

Our weight loss plan is based on accountability. We will stay with you every step of the way with our doctor-supervised plan.

1. You are welcomed into our office by our friendly staff.
2. A body composition analysis will be done to assist with your initial assessment.
3. You will meet with one of our doctors. You will discuss your medical history and failed past diets/weight loss programs. You will also go over your goals and what you are looking to accomplish.
4. The doctor will discuss which tests (genetic, blood, hormone, saliva, stress, etc.) would be best for you to reach your goals.
5. At that point, the doctor will make recommendations including which of our plans & tests would be best for you to reach your goals.
6. If you choose to get started that same day, we always make sure to have time to take you through our onboarding process so you can get started losing weight and feeling great as soon as possible!

Pay only $30 for your first consult

Pay just $30 for a complete weight loss consultation with the doctor, which includes an Initial Assessment and an In-Depth Body Composition Scan. If you’re looking to lose weight and keep it off the right way, click the button below!

Your first Contour Light® session:

  1. We discuss your goals, plans, history, and expectations
  2. We take the first set of measurements.
  3. You can relax and enjoy the Contour Light® experience. You can also choose to enjoy our full face shield experience to target the face, chin, and neck.
  4. You are placed on the vibration plate to allow for the liquified fat to be eliminated.
  5. We measure you again so you can see the instant results.
  6. We present your customized contour plan

How to prepare for your first Contour Light® session

Fill out the new patient form

If filling out in the office, please arrive 15 minutes early.

Stay hydrated before and after treatment

No food for 2 hours prior to treatment

Bring comfortable undergarments

Avoid alcohol

Decrease caffeine

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