Four Tips to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution!

Without a doubt, most of us make a New Year’s resolution that involves our health. In fact, surveys show that about 85% of resolutions are health related. Can you guess how many resolutions fail within the first month? 80%!

We all want to make our health a priority. So, how do you set yourself up for success this year so that you fall into that 20% of people that find success?

Find Your Purpose

Find your purpose….sounds intense, right? It doesn’t have to be – pick the most important reason why you want to get healthy this year. Do you want to be healthy for your kids? Your grandkids? Do you want to live pain free? Do you want to get off all of your medication?

Now that you have determined your top reason, write it down on an index card and keep it with you. Keep it somewhere it reminds you of WHY you started this journey.  Use your purpose to help you stay focused when life gets crazy and stressed. 

Focus on Progress Over Perfection

You’ve likely heard me or my team say this if you have ever been in our offices! Here is the secret to sticking to your health goals – We aren’t trying to be perfect, nor will we ever be perfect. Life will always send us challenges, but we have to focus on the big picture – YOUR HEALTH!

Our goal is always to make progress toward our health journey and there will be times where things aren’t perfect. Once you accept this, it’s so much easier to get back on track when life throws you a curveball.

I also want our patients’ to focus on progress over perfection because change isn’t always linear; meaning we won’t see the same day to day changes. For example, in weight loss, we don’t see the same number of pounds come off each day. We have to focus on the overall changes, from week to week or month to month. It’s all about PROGRESS!

Schedule Time for Your Health

Making your health a priority also means scheduling time to do it! Scheduling meal prep time, exercise, and mindfulness practices are great ways to keep our goals on track. For weight loss, meal prep is the most important to plan and prepare your food for the week.  

Meal prep for the week is the best way to make your life easier during the week AND it protects you against those little things life throws your way. If you already have a meal on hand, it’s a lot easier to say no to unhealthy food.  

Scheduling your time to focus on your health also helps you create long-lasting habits. You should view your health journey as a life-long change and not a short-term goal!

Find an Accountability Partner

Did you know that you will increase your chance of success in meeting a goal by 95% if you meet with an accountability partner?  95%!!!

An accountability partner can be your spouse, friend, or our team at Align Weight Loss!  We work with our patients to make sure they stay focused on their health goals and this is why our patients see long-term success in achieving both their health and weight goals.

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