Do You Know What’s Really in a Chicken McNugget?


Chicken meat; water; modified corn starch; salt; chicken broth powder (chicken broth, salt and natural chicken flavoring); extracts of rosemary; mono, di and triglycerides (from sunflower oil and soy lecithin). Breaded with: water, wheat flour, yellow corn flour, modified corn starch, salt, baking powder, white and black pepper, celery seed, wheat starch, whey powder, sodium aluminum phosphate, corn starch, partially hydrogenated soybean oil (manufacturing aid). 

56% of the entire McNugget is made from corn. 

Do you want to know what these nuggets and silly putty have in common? The answer dimethyl polysiloxane, an anti-foaming agent used to fry the nuggets and the major component of silly putty.  According to the Handbook of Food Additives, this material is a suspected carcinogen and an established mutagen, tumorigenic and reproductive effector. Oh yeah, and it’s flammable. The second chemical is tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) which is derived from petroleum and is a form of butane. One gram of this chemical has been linked to nausea, vomiting, ringing in the ears and delirium. 

The FDA has approved over 3,000 chemicals, additives, preservatives and artificial colorings. Today, the average American ingests more than 14 pounds of additives every year. You need to do all you can to avoid these toxins. The first rule of detoxifying is removing toxic sources from your daily diet.

Change something in your diet today!

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